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52. Borna Disease Virus Infection Cause and Treatment

By JH Sayyar: Medical Astrologer

Bornna disease is anew disease on earth and especially in Germany but its name is new and the disease is old or we may call it old wine in a new bottle. I have study many times the research of virus and bacteria and wondered no virus and bacteria cannot enter into human body. It is my research readers may disagree or differ with me on this matter. One this is most important that no virus and bacteria our body produces that damages human life organs.

What is Virus and Bacteria?
There are no bacteria or virus that damages human body and environment all things created by God are beneficial for human beings. There are no bacteria or virus in the universe cause diseases in human life organs. Bacteria or virus both are born in human body due to lack of minerals and vitamin cooperation in life organs. Due to no cooperation minerals and vitamins change their shape and functions in life organs are called diseases in modern or scientific term.

For example, boron, phosphorus and calcium work together and if boron finishes in bones will not store calcium and phosphorus will not distribute energy in the whole human boy. Thus gout and bone pain and different types of bone problems will start, these problem are called diseases by doctor and give them different names to horrify human beings. Lack of vitamin D in human body produces pain in bones.

This Copper, zinc and magnesium work together in human body. Anyone disappearance from the work change the chemical property in life organs cause different types of diseases and blame for bacteria or virus. For example, kidneys and liver badly affected by the deficiency of chromium and its deficiency also makes imbalance the balance of glucose in human body. 

If your copper balance upsets in human body your tongue taste will be upset, and arteries flexibility will disappear and thus brain hemorrhage occurs. All anus diseases are due to copper balance upset in human body. Brain and brain system fall prey to breakdown. Keep in mind copper work with zinc and magnesium in human body. 

Thyroxin balance in human body is due to iodine and its deficiency makes guitar in the throat and people call it disease but I call it iodine deficiency and nothing else. Iodine deficiency produces vagina cancer. Keep in mind iodine and cancer both is interlinked. On the other hand, myoglobin store oxygen in human muscles with the help of iron. In the whole human body 3 to 5 gram iron is present and one percent stays in our liver and its deficiency in liver are called jaundice. Its deficiency makes upset the cell of human brain due to which brain problems start in different shapes and doctors give it different names.

Magnesium works with phosphorus and phosphorus distributes the produced energy of foods in the whole body with the help of magnesium. The calcium balance in human body is due to magnesium and its disappearance from the body produces many kinds of horrible and less horrible diseases like Borna disease. The absence of magnesium for a long time in body causes kidney failure surely. 

Sudden death of children is due to the absence of magnesium in human body but I do not think people know it or not but I think we all must know about the functions of minerals and vitamins in human body to maintain health forever. 

Manganese is also a very important mineral that converts fat into energy to human body. It is manganese that regulates insulin in human body. Blocked growth of beard is due to lack of manganese. While molybdenum expels the fatty acids from human body and it works with hemoglobin and iron but human body never feel its deficiency till death. 

An Introduction to Borna Disease
Borna disease virus produces in human body due to dysfunctioning of old brain in old brain in old man as I have said when man grow old calcium level in bones becomes less and thus brain cell natural division upsets in human brain and in animals causes Borna disease. All human conversation becomes in our society due to balance calcium level in blood and brain. 

It is found in blood and reaches in brain through arteries carrying a little amount of calcium and vitamin D and other minerals. Any disease what the name be is due to out of balance of minerals and vitamins. 

We all must know one most important thing that there are only two working elements in human body: water and heat. Water belongs to watery elements and heat belongs to fiery elements. If heat will be less in our water will be in access amount and imbalance the whole body fluid and if the heat will be more water will be less in human body and we will feel out body hot. Fire in human body performs two functions internal combustion and digestion. It is fire that burns human toxins, virus and bacteria in our body. Fire fights with all types of diseases in our body means lack of fire or low fire means our body will be a blend of diseases in future or with the passage of time. 

As I have said that Borna disease belongs to human brain and weakens human brain system and upsets natural brain cell division and it is called Borna disease in modern term. 

One most Important Thing to Remember
Have you pondered over the meat of animal and man? Someone will say yes, and someone will say yes, but one thing is most important that every meat of man and animal does not resemble to one another…as you see, liver meat is different than kidney meat, heart meat if different than lungs meat, gall bladder meat is different than thigh meat, and thigh meat is different than tongue meat…

As we see when our meat is entirely different means its food will be separate for every part of body and our life organs produce food for all parts of human body by the help of fire and water. As we all know that someone eats something more and someone eats something less that is why, our body minerals and vitamin level becomes imbalance. 

When thus, brain cell division upsets brain power sees off delivering orders to human organ for different purposes. Think, in air what is the thing that makes air bus running? Nothing but balance that is why it is called balance is health and nothing else on earth. Four wheels have already balance but two wheels demands balance while driving on the road. 

There is nothing new under the heaven but what we call it new becomes old due to lack of knowledge. Do not be afraid of disease just try to maintain the balance of minerals and vitamins in human body. When our body minerals and vitamins lose balance thus our body fall prey to different types of diseases.

Friday, 13 October 2017

51. Neurological Disorders Cause and Treatment

According to a scientific research three things make human nervous system: brain, spinal cord and nerves. Thus human nervous system controls all human beings’ spiritual, physical, psychological and all activities belong to mind and wisdom. On the other hand, human speech, thinking and moving all these activities also controlled by nervous system, even our memory and mood both are regulated by nervous system. 

When problem occurs in our nervous system these diseases may catch us easily as epilepsy, Alzeimer disease, stroke, migraine, brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease and neurological disorders. I have read on internet that millions of people are affected by nervous disorder in every country on earth. 

A Point for Consideration
Think for a awhile, two things are free all over the world and are most important for human life: air and water, why? Can anyone answer to this question? Yea! Most of the people will give its answer because it is very easy. My brothers and sister just like these two things are free for us or the gift of God for human being.

Think, like air and water, why did God put 99% calcium in human body? Air and water deficiency in human body leads human beings to death just like calcium deficiency in human body leads men to death as heart attack and neurological disorders,

The Function of Calcium in Human Body
You will wonder listening to this news that 99% calcium is present in human body. Calcium supports the whole human body as teeth, bones, nails and the human structure is made of calcium. The nervous system parts that send messages to human organs are all supported by calcium as a whole. Its severe deficiency leads to neurological disorder. 

Listen! In our bones and teeth calcium stays but it does not live in it permanently although it wastes via our urine and more perspiration as our age increases with the passage of time. 

25% calcium is present in our blood and it is supplied in our blood through our bones. If our bones are weak so our blood calcium level will decrease and thus lead and cadmium will gather in our heart and when the level of calcium will be zero at the same time heart attack occurs because calcium presence in blood expels all types of poison from human heart. 

Calcium deficiency in human body may be neglected at any cast because it the calcium that breaks blood clot in arteries it deficiency makes clot in arteries. It also works with many enzymes of human body. Its group members are boron and phosphorus. Boron collects calcium in bones and phosphorus gives it heat to make liquid to create fire for the softness of human tissues and muscles.

When neutron talks to neutron its conversation is connected by calcium through our nervous system because calcium creates flexibility in all veins and arteries and it is most important for body cells. Heart balance and human muscle system both are maintained by calcium.

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms
It in any body will calcium deficiency will be vomiting and muscles will be tense and while moving will pain because its flexibility is gone due to lack of calcium. Its deficiency makes children weak and bones bend anon very soon bones get fracture. 

Blood pressure increases and thus lead and cadmium gather in heart to award heart attack, the punishment of our negligence. If there is no vitamin d in our body calcium will not dissolve and increasing calcium will make pain in our bones. 

The Main Cause of Neurological Disorder
I have seen old men and women fall prey to neurological disorder due to lack of calcium in bones cannot supply calcium to blood and thus poison roams in arteries with blood and damages human nervous system badly. Keep in mind, healthy bones supply sufficient calcium to blood. 

I request to my readers to take calcium daily so that they could fall prey to neurological disorder in any age. We all must eat such full of calcium to maintain our whole body. 

Calcium Food Source
Raw milk, cooked kale, spinach, okra, sardine, yogurt, soybeans, white beans, broccoli, watercress, almond, salmon, rainbow trout, turnip green, orange juice, butter, rice, meat…

Recommended Medicines
1. Calcium Carbonica 30x

1. Calcium Phosphate 30x

3. Selicia 30x

4. Take one capsule of Centrum Silver Tablet daily after breakfast. 

Take five drops of each bottle and take three times in a day in half glass semi hot water. If the deficiency is severe is take 15 to 20 drops in a day three times.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

50. Rectum and Anus Cancer Causes and Treatment

By JH Sayyar

Rectum and Anus Cancer is common in USA and other European countries in males and females. It is a dangerous and painful disease. There are described many causes if it but some researchers say that its real cause is unknown but saying this is not true at any cost. According to the laws of nature that there is no smoke without fire unseen or seen there will be. Rectum and Anus Cancer appears in large intestine length is five feet and rectum eight inches long. 

Rectum is known the stool releasing point. The colon is the place where gathers stool for evacuation and disturbs colon and rectum. The apparent causes are these: constipation, not enough fiber in diet, little fluid in the intestines and slow functioning of the large intestine. Rectum and Anus Cancer is called structural disorder, anal disorder, external hemorrhoids, anal fissure, and perianal abscess and fistula. Today it is a burning problem in America 

Rectum and Anus cancer
The main cause of all types of anus or rectum diseases is the deficiency of copper in human body along with the copper working group at a time. Copper works with many enzymes of human body. First of all, it produces energy for human boy, makes skin proteins, and save the fiber of human brain. The brains arteries work soon and properly with the help of copper. It is copper that separates oxygen and hydrogen of water swallowing. It dissolves iron in human body. Hair fall is due to copper deficiency finishes the flexibility of arteries and veins. 

If any infant drinks only for six months the baby’s body lacks in copper because in milk copper becomes less and the baby falls ill anon. The main fault appears in the anus and rectum all types of anus or rectum diseases appears due to copper efficiency. Brain and brain system do not work properly. But copper works with zinc and magnesium. Therefore copper, zinc and magnesium deficiency must be in human body if someone wants to avoid nous and rectum cancer. Zinc dissolves copper in human body. 

Food Sources of Copper, Zinc and Magnesium
Copper: Dry fruits, animal heart, liver and kidneys, sea foods, mushroom, chocolate, 
Zinc: animal heart, liver and kidneys, sea foods, milk, egg and dry fruits
Magnesium: Nuts, almonds, pistachio, grains, green vegetables, and sea foods

Recommended Medicines for Anus and Rectum Cancer
1. Psyllium 30x ten drops three times in a day
2. (Azadirachta Indica, Margosa 30x ten drops three times in a day
3. Berberis Aristata 30x ten drops three times in a day
4. lachaesis 30x ten drops three times in a day

49. Diarrhea Causes and Treatment

By JH Sayyar

Diarrhea means the continuous waste material of our food through the large intestine with loose feces from anus. Diarrhea may cause due to bacterial or viral infection. In such condition large intestine swells and produces diarrhea anon. Its main cause is when bacteria replaces gut flora from large intestine. It causes pain in anus. 

Those who have the deficiency of lactase diarrhea is common among them. It is a forceful enzyme that splits milk sugar and converts it into glucose and galactose. Diarrhea process is such when someone drinks milk and after a short time cramp starts in the belly and after this starts motion or diarrhea from anus. 

The main cause of it is this, the lactose in the milk is not broken down and it remains in human small intestine. Thus contraction increases and water cannot absorb in small intestines thus diarrhea starts at once. Gas remains in intestine and causes pain near the liver, in gallbladder, or under the diaphragm or heart. It becomes so due to gas shifting in belly. 

We may divide diarrhea into three groups: an acute diarrhea, persistent diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. Acute diarrhea remains for several hours and sometimes for many days and men go for bowel vomiting more than three times in a day. It is bloody in common term it is called dysentery Persistent diarrhea remains one week to less than four weeks but chronic diarrhea remains for one month. 

There are four different types of diarrhea: 1, when small intestine cannot absorb soluble component and the whole fluid goes into the gut is called osmotic diarrhea. When active chloride secretion goes into the bowel and the bowel at once water flows chloride ions is called secretary diarrhea. When small intestine swells it causes diarrhea is called inflammatory diarrhea. When intestine size increases and causes diarrhea in called motility diarrhea. 

Diarrhea Causes
The main cause of diarrhea is bacteria and virus that disturbs the functions of intestines, small and large reveals these symptoms as stomach pain, bloating, thirst due to losing water, and along with it weight starts losing and at the end fever prevails in the whole body. 

Since diarrhea directly links to intestines and in our intestines calcium absorbs with the help of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes diarrhea because calcium produces heat in human intestines with the help of vitamin D. If no calcium in intestines alone vitamin D upsets human intestines’ functions and causes diarrhea. 

Food Sources of Vitamin D and Calcium
Vitamin D: Fish oil, alfalfa, animal heart, liver and kidneys, egg, milk and sweet potato
Calcium: Cheese, yogurt, milk, dark green vegetables, raisins, orange juice, soybeans, corn flake and sardines

Recommended Medicines for Diarrhea

1. Podophyllum 30x 15 Drops three times in a day
2. Arsenicum Album 30x 15 Drops three times in a day

48. Preterm Birth Causes and Treatment

By JH Sayyar
Premature birth is common all over the world on this earth. The children who born before nine solar months and ten lunar months are known to medical world premature all over the world. Most commonly babies born within eight months and sometimes less than eight solar months and premature birth is called in medical language congenital anomalies. 

They are described many causes of premature births but one of the major cause if the efficiency of mineral as zinc hat controls 200 enzymes of human body and magnesium that controls 100 enzymes of human body. Some medical research tells that faulty immune system is also the cause of premature births and also infection. Some call it the deficiency of folic acid in human body is the cause of premature births. 

Premature born children may have such types of complication coming out of the womb as breathing problems, heart problems, heart problems, temperature controlling problem, gastrointestinal problems, blood problems, metabolism problems, immune system problems, cerebral problems, impaired cognitive skills, vision problems, hearing problems, dental problems, psychological problems and other chronic health issues may arise after the premature births. These are the problems that been seen among the premature born babies. 

Preterm Birth Causes
The main cause of premature birth is the deficiency of zinc group: zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper and selenium. Zinc controls more than 200 enzymes of human body. It is most important for cells growth and linking tissues. If zinc deficiency becomes in human body other minerals that work with zinc anon leave it functions as magnesium, manganese, copper and selenium. 

Its deficiency does heal wounds, Its deficiency makes birth defects as premature births and other body parts become defective in the womb. In mother’s milk zinc becomes. Growth block, no baby born for a long time, sex flies in male and females. Race to race birth defects come in babies due to zinc deficiency. 

Copper also controls many enzymes of human body. It produces energy for body and makes skin proteins and save brains fibers so that brain could work soon. When we drink water it is copper that separates oxygen from hydrogen. It dissolves iron in human body. 

It deficiency makes hard arteries and veins and more deficiency makes arteries rupture. Head becomes large of babies on birth. Brain system upsets anon send wrong messages to other body parts. But if more copper will be in body more than body need men will go in coma for a long time. Blood pressure rise anon and blood vein becomes swell and blast. 

Magnesium also controls many enzymes of human body. It is most important part of human body because it distributes phosphorus in human body. Calcium balance in human body is due to magnesium. Human body parts work better when calcium and magnesium will be balanced. Magnesium is electricity of brain system. Human body parts make its conversation with brain due to magnesium. Its deficiency make veins pale and muscles start trembling anon. If for a long time magnesium becomes less, as a result kidney fails and affects anon calcium and potassium. 

Manganese also works with enzymes and it is found in rain water, in sans according to weather, and is found in fresh sea foods. It converts fat into energy and makes active human body insulin. In alfalfa plant manganese becomes more and its deficiency makes baby defects and preterm problems. Its deficiency makes egg rotten and because it freezes blood in eggs and mother’s womb. It also produces human skeleton system and along with its deficiency makes baby defective on birth. 

Selenium also works with many enzymes of human body and it is selenium that makes muscles cells of human body. Selenium makes united red cells at any cost. It is selenium that makes accurate the process of RNA and DNA. It is selenium that expels all types of poisonous substance from human body. It is selenium that transfers energy from one place to another place in human body. 

It is selenium that makes semen germs and tissues. It is selenium that makes accurate all functions of pancreas. It is selenium that makes accurate the process of oxygen in human body and the elements that tri to upset the free oxygen of human body it kills it anon. Its force is equal to vitamin E. The enzymes that make selenium oppose all types of bacteria and virus. Red and white cells rest on selenium in human body. 

Food Sources 
Selenium: dry fruits, animal liver, heart and liver and kidneys, grains and sea foods. 
Manganese: grains, pine apple, tea, ginger, green vegetables
Magnesium: Dry fruits, grains, green vegetables, and less in meat
Copper: Dry fruits, animal heart, liver, kidney, sea foods, mushroom and chocolate

Recommended Medicines for Preterm Birth
1. Kalium Phos 30x Ten drops daily three times in day
2. Podophyllum30x Ten drops daily three times in day
3. Carbo Vegetabilis 30x Ten drops daily three times in day
4. Opium 30x Ten drops daily three times in day

47. Tuberculosis Causes and Treatment

By JH Sayyar

Tuberculosis is a common disease all over the world in males and females. Tuberculosis enters into human lungs to due mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is travelling diseases. It affects while travelling one person to another person. It directly attacks human throat and lungs. In this first of all human immune system becomes inactive and sometimes mouthful blood vomiting appears. 

Immune system is the defensive system of human body. Immune system defensive cells remain in the blood white cells almost 35% to 45%. These cells are prepared by the lymph nodes of human body. These cells fight against mild or chronic infection with their full might. They remain united with the help of blood clots and prevent human blood from wastage. 

Our bone marrow prepares human body red and white cells and when any type of infection attacks human body as a result our bone marrow prepare more white cells to kill infection. Otherwise its quantity remains zero in human body if there is no attack on our body parts. 

But if human immune system fails to attack bacteria it spreads in lungs or the other parts of human body. It also attacks human chest and damages pulmonary artery and starts coughing with blood slowly and slowly. Tuberculosis attacks more on the upper lobes of the lungs than the lower lobes of the lungs. 

TB symptoms mostly may be seen in the tuberculosis, weight loss, loss of app├ętit, blood with cough, fatigue, fever, night and sweat. 

Tuberculosis Causes
The main cause of TB or tuberculosis is bacteria attacks on the lungs. It is due to more Mercury level in human body that damages human central part of brain, immune system and cell membranes. When minerals become excessive in human body, first of all human body chemical groups upset and its reactions create poison and damages lungs and other parts of human body. 

For example, aluminum works with magnesium, arsenic works with selenium, iodine, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, sulpher and amino acid. Cadmium works with zinc, calcium, calcium, vitamin C and D sulpher and amino acid. Lead works with zinc, iron, calcium, Vitamin E & C and sulpher and amino acid. Mercury works with selenium, Vitamin Cm peptin and sulpher and amino acid.

If someone any of the five minerals uses more in diet or via doze, the mineral we use more expel other minerals from human body. Minerals repair human body breakage and expel all types of poison from human body and save human body from all types of diseases causes by bacteria or virus attack. Keep in mind, magnesium controls 100 enzymes of human body and zinc controls 200 enzymes of human body. From these two minerals you may know the importance of minerals in human body.

My humble readers must know that in human works electric light system works the same as works in our home electricity. Now I tell you that in human body two system works to create electricity ions and cations. Ion is a group of electric atoms. Ions have positive charge on their body and anions have negative charge on their body. 

In human body, Magnesium, sodium, potassium and hydrogen represent cations and bicarbonate, chloride and phosphate represent anions in human body. One group caries positive charge and the other group carry negative charge to produce energy for human body organs. Bicarbonate makes accurate human stomach and restores all acids of human body and keeps balance. In human body chloride maintain the balance of water and phosphate maintains energy system in human body. 

Recommended Medicines for TB
1. Calcarea Carbonica 200x Ten drops three times in a day
2. Beta Vulgarus 200x Ten drops three times in a day
3. Axcalyfa Indica 200x Ten drops three times in a day
4. Bacillinum Buenette 200x Ten drops three times in a day